13 sierpnia 2012

Pytanie (Question)

Pytanie, czy ktoś zna ten stół? W jakim muzeum mogę go znaleźć? Będę wdzięczny za każdą informację. I've got a question if anybody know the table? Which museum can I find it in? I'd appreciate any information.

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  1. If you do happen to find out where this piece is located, I'd be grateful if you would let me know. Thanks so much. http://villagecarpenter.blogspot.com/2012/08/have-you-seen-this-table.html

  2. That's exactly why I published this post. I also send some e-mails to my reenactor colleagues. We'll see :)

  3. I have a lead on this table. A friend has seen similar ones in one of his books--it's listed in the comments section on my blog. It's too pricey for me to buy, but he said that he'll scan the images and send them to me. He's in the midst of moving right now, so it may be awhile. I'll be happy to forward the images to you when he sends them to me. You can send your email address to goodwoodworkshop@comcast.net I must build this table! :o)

  4. These tables are common in Southern Germany and Austria (Tirol). They were used as counting tables and have either some drawers or the table top can be lifted to reveal a compartment to store money & papers.
    I do not know this particular table, but similar ones are depicted in the book "Mobel europas I" by Franz Windisch-Graetz.
    You can find examples in:
    Burg Reifenstein, Wipptall
    St. Justina, Uberetsch
    Germanisches nationalmuseum, Nurnberg
    Oberosterreichisches landesmuseum, Linz
    Burg Kreuzenstern, Wien
    Museum fur Anngewandte kunst, Koln
    the following come from a source of 1923, so perhaps they have moved or were lost during WW2:
    Historisches museum, Basel
    Altertummuseum, Dresden
    Burg Meran.

    Marijn, Thomasguild.blogspot.nl

  5. That's what I call the answer! Thank you very much.